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Short-term, temporary weight loss is relatively simple. Sustained weight loss and weight management is complicated. I want to help people to manage their weight and I want to do it mostly within the OHIP covered services (see P.S. below). The main focus of our clinic is to help to keep weight off. However, if someone needs to quickly lose 10 -15 pounds in preparation for a wedding or some other special occasion, we can help with that as well. Our clinic's weight management approach is built upon the latest data from evidence-based medicine and scientifically proven methods.


During clinic visits, the patients should expect to be screened and if necessary evaluated for secondary causes of obesity, have their medication reviewed from a weight management prospective and be educated about:

-       Calorie counting

-       Macronutrients (carbohydrates, fatty acids and proteins) metabolism from weight management prospective

-       A healthy diet

-       A personalized, physician-coordinated weight loss plan

-       A personalized weight management plan and follow-ups with our clinic


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 P.S. In order for our clinic services to be covered by OHIP, patients need to be referred by another physician (could be a Family Doctor or any walk in Clinic) and have either a diagnosis of obesity (BMI>30), (here is the link to calculate your BMI) or be overweight with BMI of 27-29 with coexistent medical conditions such as HTN, Sleep Apnea etc. Patients with DM 2 or Hyperlipidemia would particularly benefit from weight management and healthy diet education. We can also do telemedicine consults and assessments, but such services are not currently covered by OHIP.