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This list is created based on appetite stimulating properties of different food groups. Please remember, calories are calories. As you may see below the list is directly linked to the bad carbohydrates content. Eating the right type of food would help to control the appetite, But eating the right food does not guarantee the weight loss, all it does is just improves an appetite and metabolism. Amount of food consumed is a key to success. As we discussed earlier, eating sufficiently small amount of even unhealthy food may result in the weight loss. Even the healthiest meals consumed in excessive amounts may result in weight gain. What is excessive - the scale is your judge.

As we discussed before, the main benefit of eating weight management friendly food is more balanced metabolism with consumed energy being used for daily needs instead of immediate fat deposits and healthy appetite as a result.


DO NOT EAT. I think this food items should be avoided in general regardless the weight management prospective by everyone who is serious about his health

- processed food, commercial juices, sodas, sugar, sweet sauces

- processed meats

- refined grains (white bread, chips, cookies, instant oatmeal)

- refined legumes

- corn products

- anything with added sugar or added sugar equivalents, unless it is a dessert

- trans fats



- potato, white rice

- anything breaded or tempura

- cooked root vegetable like carrots, beets, sweet potatoes

- other starchy vegetables like winter squash, parsnips, tomato sauce, vegetables with sugars or flour

- sweet salad dressings (read labels)

- dry preserved fruits, preserved vegetables

- alcohol, especially alcoholic mixers

- whole milk and sweetened milk products

- artificial sweeteners or diet sodas (debatable) 

- honey



- all fresh vegetables and fruits

- lean meats, preferably white meats, preferably organic or from pastured animals

- fish and seafood (watch for calories in fatty fish)

- eggs (yolk might increase chances of DM progression for people with genetic predisposition)

- cheeses and other dairy products in moderation, unsweetened yougurts and kefirs

- vegetable oils but mind the calories

- nuts in moderation (handful or less), mind the calories

- from deserts dark chocolate with 70% or more of cocoa is one one of the healthier choices

- whole grains and unrefined legumes

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