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"My metabolism is too slow" - our body always burns energy no matter how slow it is

"All diets eventually fail" - diets do not fail, people who are not mentally prepared fail them

"Food helps to relieve the stress" - food distracts us from the stress, we just pick a first available  activity resultant in pleasant emotions, we might as well use any other pleasure related distraction, like music or exercise

"I love dessert" is an emotional belief, difficult to destroy but not invincible  to the power of logic

"We can not differentiate when we eat for nutrition and when we eat for fun" - we can clearly differentiate, just clearly define for yourself that you eat for nutrition only and you look for pleasure in other activities. Question yourself often "Am I eating because I am hungry or because I am bored"

"People who eat less enjoy food less" - completely opposite is true, eating food in smaller quantities regenerates our taste buds ability to discover new and forgotten flavors. Satisfaction of any restricted natural instincts is always pleasant (try to hold your breath as an example)

"I eat incredibly little and not losing weight" - not "little enough

"Parties are for food" - parties are to meet people, food is just an excuse to meet

"Slim people have fast metabolism" - might be true for some of them, but they are slim because they eat less then burn, they have different priority of values

"Certain minimal food quantity belief" many people how unrealistic expectations about the healthy portion size

"I can not lose weight because I can not exercise" - it is possible to lose weight with diets alone, exercise is extremely beneficial but not essential

"I have a genetic obesity" - extremely rare medical condition, less than 1 % of obesity

"Eating healthy will result in the weight loss" - healthy food in big enough quantities will result in obesity, small enough quantities will produce a weight loss

"My Mom will be unhappy if I eat less" - ask her

"I love food more than everything" - show me the person who doesn't like food, are you sure you love it that much?

"Hunger will never go away unless I eat" - try it, usually it dissipates after 20-30 minutes or sooner if you get distracted, learn the act of distraction, just simply focus your attention on something else, preferably pleasant, people do not overeat when they are excited 

"If I eat little I might harm my body" - read about multiple miraculous benefits and cures from starvation

"We have to have some warm or cooked food every day to stay healthy" - who said so?

"Eating raw food might ruin my digestion" - why?

"I can not survive on such tiny amount of food" - define "tiny", how do you know it is "tiny" instead of "proper"?


 Every day stand guard at the door of your mind, and you alone decide what thoughts and beliefs you let into your life. For they will shape whether you feel rich or poor, cursed or blessed.” Tony Robbins