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This page reflects mostly my opinions and thoughts.

Yogurts have been shown to reduce the risk of the development and progression of diabetes by as much as  19%. This is HUGE!!!! The study was short lasting and the results might need to be confirmed.

We should do ANYTHING POSSIBLE to prevent diabetes. People who do not have genetic predisposition for diabetes will never get it no matter what they eat or how heavy they are. But people who have such genes SHOULD  DO  EVERYTHING  POSSIBLE to prevent or slow it down.

Dairy products are good source of Vitamin D and calcium.

Whole milk is for babies. It helps them grow. It has some growth hormones which are not supposed to work on humans.

This is one of the few products I prefer processed. I believe yogurts, cheeses and kefirs are good for us. Butter, unfortunately, belongs to category of saturated animal fatty acids.

No matter how milk is processed, added sugars are always bad and preserved added fruits are just sugars.

Grain fed cowes are always given antibiotics. Poor animals are born to eat grass and they literally die from grain diet without antibiotics. I do not know how it affects milk and dairies.

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