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Do we eat to live, or do we live to eat? We call our clinic a weight management clinic, but in reality it should be called a lifestyle management clinic. However, most people do not believe that their lifestyle is something that should be coordinated with a physician. I do not want to sound ominous, but as an Internist practicing for almost 20 years, I have been involved in the lifestyle modifications of many patients after acute strokes, heart attacks and congestive heart failures. I feel that it would be much better if we as physicians were more involved to prevent such catastrophes.

We always treat blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes. But when it comes to obesity most doctors only would go as far, as to say that "may be you would benefit from loosing a few pounds". That's it? Why? Because it is complicated and it is time consuming. Most of the time it is not very productive and has a low yield. I would like to offer my time, my dedication and expertise to help other physicians to manage this extremely important disease. Even if would have a success of 10% only, 10 out of 100 patients would end up with a cure, not just a control, but potentially a cure of multiple medical conditions. Cure of any chronic medical illness, especially such as diabetes or metabolic syndrome is nothing less than a miracle in my eyes. And curing even one person, and giving even one person extra years of happy productive. free of prescription medications life, would be an enormous accomplishment and achievement for me as a physician and as a person.

Obesity is a disease and, unless we call it as such, we will never take it seriously. Everyone knows that not treating a blood pressure may result in many problems down the road. Not treating the obesity may result in myriad of multiple medical maladies, including, but not limited to, the same hypertension, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and heart problems, back pains, hip and knee arthritis, varicose veins, lymphedema and, if I keep writing, it might take more than a page to list all of the potential obesity complications

Why people get overweight or obese? Regardless of the cause we are obese because we eat more than we need. Our appetite might be out of  of balance because of

- a medical condition

- a genetic predisposition

- a wrong combinations of food

Look around at North American population. We have unexplainably high percentage of overweight and obese people. Why? Do you think it might be explained by genetics or some epidemic contagious medical condition all over suddenly causing that? No. We certainly move less than we should, but it couldn't be the only reason. Everyone clearly realises that there something should be wrong with the food we eat. I am a firm believer that the food we eat pushes our metabolism out of balance and make us to crave for food and eat more than we need. This web site is one of many dedicated to attempt to solve this puzzle.  

How can I make you as determined as I am in our obesity fight? How can I make you to realize that it is not acceptable anymore? How can I associate immense pain with staying obese and immense pleasure with being able to take control of your metabolism and manage your weight?

Do you know your ideal weight? Do you know how many extra pounds you have? Take a minute and calculate your BMI. For non- Asians BMI should be below 25 and below 22 for Asians. Here is the link to calculate your BMI. Alternatively you can click this link and estimate your ideal weight based on different references.

Multiple official guidelines recommend to have a "reasonable" goal for weight loss targeting around 7-10 % weight loss from the baseline. What a stupid idea. Every kid knows, if you want to have a tiny poppy, you need to ask for an elephant. I've been making this mistake throughout my life targeting only 20-30 pounds weight loss. Looking back it was a BIG MISTAKE. Target your BMI at least at 25 or below and go all the way through, celebrate small, even 5 pond loss victories, but never settle till you reach your ideal body weight and fight back if you regain any pounds back. Remember, you fight for your health, the most valuable thing you personally posses. All of the money, all of your influences and positions in society, all of your accomplishments are  worthless if you are sick, or incapacitated with a heart attack, or paralised with a stroke. Your health should be a priority above everything else. It is not about vanity, it is about your LIFE.

How the extra 50 pounds look like? Let's try to visualise it. Try to visualise last time you travelled. Now remember that big suitcase that you had to check in. It should be below 50 pounds. Now imagine carrying it in your hands and walking 1 block, 2 blocks, taking stairs. Heavy? Now imaging you sleeping with that suitcase strapped on top of your chest, all night long, you have to breath, but you feel that weight. Some of us carry such 24 x7, all the time. Crazy, isn’t it? Now think about your heart and lungs pumping all extra blood to keep this dead fat suitcase alive, think about your knees, hips, lower back to carry it all around. I was working on Ortho floor for a while… Hips and knee replacements are common procedures these days, and yes, we need iron knees and hips so we can continue to please our taste buds, feed our food addiction and load those multiple suitcases stuffed with fat on our shoulders and carry them around day after day 24 hours a day.  I lost 80 pounds, I was carrying 2 of such suitcases through the last more than 20 years of my life, one strapped to my back and another one strapped to my chest. I want you to be uncomfortable, angry and upset about this. This luggage kills us.

What stops people from loosing weight? Most overweight people I see in the office agree that loosing weight would be beneficial for them for multiple reasons. Why don't we just go ahead and do that? I think that most people deep in their heart believe they are destined to be overweight. Wrong. Everyone can do it. Just stop reading for a second, think and be honest to yourself what is the major barrier for you personally preventing you from having an ideal slim body? Everyone had managed to lose few pounds here and there but then they come back. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Why? Do you know people around you who managed to lose some pounds and keep them off? Of course you do. There are plenty of such people. I see them in the office every day. They do not walk around and brag to strangers about that, but they share it openly with a physician. How do you think they are different from you? Are they special? Are they genetically advantageous like some of those skinny friends you know who may eat anything they want and stay slim. No. Talk to them and they are usually regular people who got fed up of being overweight and decided to take control of things. Not because they are geniuses, not because they have a genetic advantage, not because they have a private dietitian and weight management doctor who look after them. They simply decided that they can no longer be tolerant of being fat. I am one of such friends. And I want you to be one of us, one of people who managed to get control of their weight. I happened to be a physician and I spent considerable time studying and researching this subject. I created this site with a single goal to share my experience and knowledge how to make everyone healthier. I tried my best to put together  in one place the  essential information that I think everyone interested in weight management should know.

So, the step number one is to believe that it is possible and to decide that there is no other way other than being in control of your weight. The main barrier here is not your genes, it is not your inactivity, it is not even your diet, but it is your belief. Do you really think that you are that much different from people who were able to accomplish it? Try to find a person to inspire you, try to surround yourself with people you know who accomplished that and your belief will be reinforced. Look around and get to talk to such people. I may be one of your friends, I lost 80 pounds and kept them off over two years, my eighteen years old daughter after looking at me lost 70 pounds, my niece after my recent visit and my recommendation lost 20 pounds. I started my journey of weight loss after my long time friend lost whooping 100 pounds, and he happened to be the same height, age and original weight of 260 pounds as me, he also happened to be an Internal Medicine physician like myself as well. He was my inspiration.

How do we do that? Is there are a simple secret that the weight losers possess? No, it is not a single thing, it is not a sorcerer's stone or panacea remedy. All we need is to understand the basics of healthy food and energy balance. I use word "diet" just because this is the  most convenient word to describe a combination of food we consume. As you continue reading you will find out that most of the discussions on this site are about a healthy metabolism, a healthy appetite and a healthy nutrition. I believe that food we eat is the most important determinant for healthy metabolism. Healthy metabolism will result in healthy appetite and healthy weight. This is our ultimate goal. Interestingly enough if you stay with healthy nutrition, you soon realize that you do not have to sacrifice the pleasure of eating. In opposite, very soon you will face a side effect of real food, you will start to appreciate the real taste and enjoy flavours that you were unaware of.

Before that happen we have to use our brain to decide how much food we actually need to consume to maintain our weight. 

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