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Emotional motivation process creation is somewhat different. It is based on the principle that we can freely assign positive or negative meanings to various values. We can do it bypassing our logical pathways. Combining logical and emotional approaches provides the best results.


 "Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give to it.” Tony Robbins


The process of thinking about the weight loss might be compared to a conflict in our mind between the Slim and the Fat Personalities. We can assign the victory to the Slim Personality by the virtue of our unlimited control over our internal world and our perceptions about what is "good" and "bad".

Associate the Slim Personality with a extreme negative power trying to destroy everything that is valuable for you, your health, your love, your dreams. The threat should be perceived as immediate and extreme without any room for any settlements. You should vividly imagine that you face an immediate conflict. There  are only two choices - either "good" or "bad". Once you declare a victory of the Slim Personality, treat it it in your mind as a well established matter, something that has been decided in the past with no way back.

Focus all of your energy, all of your attention toward the single task of destroying that "bad force" inside of you, destroy your Fat Personality before it destroys you. There is no other choice, either real you, your Slim personality or you give in to Fat Personality which will make your life meaningless, painful  and measurable.