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If we focus our attention on the motivating reasons, we get motivated only once. Motivation is not a single step event of discovery. It is a process of formation of the new mentality, it takes time, it doesn't happen overnight. Our reasons remain immediate and immense only as long as they are in the focus of our attention. Our attention is always distracted by other important values. We need to create a system how to bring our motivating reasons in the focus of our attention repeatedly. Only after our newly discovered reasons are brought to our attention repeatedly, they have a chance to create a real effective sustainable motivation.


This is the major reasons many of us are failing to get motivated. Our old reasons, beliefs and habits have created long standing balanced and extremely resistant for change mental pathways. It takes effort and repetition to destroy them and to create and reinforce the new connection. Remember, most of us already discovered such perfect reasons in the past, we just failed to reinforce and incorporate them in our mental structure, they remained just references without ever having a chance to grow into a motivation.


"Repetition is the mother of skill". Tony Robins


My estimate that it should take around 4-6 weeks of conscious daily repetitions to create a real subconscious automatic habitual motivation..