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Motivation is an emotion. It is an emotion of certainty that we want something,.

It starts with getting uncomfortable with yourself.

Next step is to find out what can make you comfortable. In other want - what is it exactly that you want? Which important matter (value) in this life can make you comfortable/happy again.  (Promised one million dollars makes you unhappy that you don't have it, it is a promise for something that can buy you happiness/pleasure/balance)

Motivation is also an emotion of certainty that one value is more important than others.

Values are matters that we consider important for us. Most of us share similar core values, like Life, Love, Family etc.

We are different from each other by the virtue that we prioritize our values differently. We prioritize our values based on the reasons supporting our values. When we decide that one value is more important than others, then we get motivated.

We get motivated not by the names of values, but by the reasons supporting our values.

When we want to get motivated to lose weight, we should find and think about reasons supporting our weight loss, not about the terms or numbers describing our weight (obese, slim, 250 or 150 are meaningless terms for motivation purposes).

Important reasons should be: 

- immediate

- immense

- indefinite

Immediate reasons, means perceived as something promising or threatening immediate pleasure or pain. Future reasons are ineffective and often result in procrastination

Immense reasons, means they need to be perceived as immense. Small reasons - small motivation, immense reasons - immense motivation

Indefinite reasons, means they have to be perceived persistent and continuous. Temporary reasons would create a temporary motivation and often result in yo-yo weight pattern

Perceived is a very important moment. Our reasons are immediate, immense and indefinite only as long as they are perceived as such.

To summarize - out of balance first, find value that can make us happy (or prevent pain and make us happy by avoiding such), support your decision by discovering reasons that we perceive as immediate, immense and ideally indefinite.