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  1. We all share the same anatomy, physiology and metabolism. Successful weight losers are succesful not because they found better diets, but because they manage to change the way they think.
  2. Our state of mind and motivations are the main component of any successful weight loss and management program. Everyone will be losing and maintaining weight on the proper diet. The main problem with all diets is compliance. Most diets work, the main difference between them is how easy they are to comply with. 

  3. Motivation is easy to produce when we are challenged by extreme benefits or harms.

  4. We do not necessarily need to have such extremes to achieve ideal motivation. Most of us can get motivated with proper education and training, our imagination and perception are literally limitless. 

  5. We will help you to reaffirm your values, we will assist you to rediscover and solidify your empowering beliefs and destroy your counterproductive internal conflicts. We will not impose on you any new convictions. Our system works by reinforcing what is important for you.