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Salads and vegetables are not synonymous .


The healthy part of salads are vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables. They are low in carbs, high in fibres, rich with minerals and vitamins. They might be included in any diets practically without limitations.


But everyone should be aware about other components of salads as well. A lot of commercial and restaurant salads have significant amount of bad sugars added. Those salads might not be a suitable source of leafy veggies on low carb days.


Dressings. The best dressing is olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar. But you always have to keep in mind that 1 tablespoon of olive oil contains on average 120 calories. It is not unimaginable to poor 3-4 tablespoons of of olive oil into salad with hefty 400-500  invisible calories added.


Other components, like nuts 20 nuts are equal to 170 calories, 50 raisins are 80 calories, 1 oz of cheese can contribute  around 100 calories. At the end it is very easy to have a 1000-1200 calories salad, a calorie equivalent of a medium size fries and coke Big Mac Meal (around 1080 calories) or two Big Mac Burgers (533 calories each).


A salad is a healthier choice than a Big Mac and certainly is better for your metabolism and appetite. But calories are calories.


Some tips to keep you salad healthy: read the dressings labels carefully, paying special attention to included carbs and calories. Olive oil is the best dressing, but always measure it. Consider salsa as a dressing instead, one table spoon of salsa is only 15 calories. Vinegar and lemons are practically calorie free. Be careful with restaurant salads, whenever possible get dressing on a side.

I developed taste to have salads almost without oily dressings. Originally it sounds like a very restrictive idea. I think it is the same principle as drinking tea or coffee without sugar or milk. All over suddenly you learn to appreciate a real taste of coffee, the real aroma not neutralized by any additives. The same with salads, after some time you will learn to appreciate different flavours, adding fruits might often provide an unexpected twist of aroma, or mixing proper herbs and plant fruits like tomatoes, okra along with liberal spices.

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