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Food is for nutrition. It should be pleasant. But the goal of meal is a nutrition, not a quest for pleasant emotions.

I am not eating when stressed out. I find other pleasant things to focus my attention on. I do not eat to find pleasant emotions and just because of that it does not even come to my mind to use food as a distraction from unpleasant emotions, whether they are caused by stress or something else. 

I go to parties to enjoy company of my friends. I do not pay any specific attention to food, but I always remember to compliment the Host. 

If I am forced to join the meal when I am not hungry, I never refuse, I just imagine that I am asked to be a judge on the food content. I try a little bit of everything and I am always clear in my mind that my purpose is to taste the food to provide an opinion. My goal is not to look for new pleasant emotions by overeating.

I prefer fruits and vegetables. I hate desserts, cheap man made substitutes for real food

Eating salads without dressings is an acquired taste, like drinking coffee or tea without milk and/or sugar

Sauces are invented to stimulate the appetite more than needed. The same with salt. Spices are not that bad but should be used wisely.

Liquid food is always less desirable. Why would we remove healthy fibers and vitamins and create juices, smoothies etc?